Customized Systems

Having a customized home entertainment system transforms your experience of watching television or listening to music. And with the emergence of online streaming services, it has never been more important to have a properly wired home to immerse you in that experience.

Access all of the features

With a full home audio and video system, you have total control over your home entertainment using app integration on mobile devices. Enjoy the ability to set your playlist to stream music in certain rooms but not others, or pause your programming so you can move to a different room.


Audio and Video

Installing in-ceiling or in-wall speakers keeps you entertained and allows you to seamlessly stream music between rooms at customizable volumes.

Video distribution to multiple TVs allows you to house your bulky AV equipment into a clean rack, out of sight but still enjoy their capabilities.

Outdoor Entertainment Systems

Beyond the interior of your home, Slinger Solutions can bring the premium-quality sound and picture that you enjoy indoors to any outdoor living or entertainment space.

Outdoor, weatherproof televisions built specifically for Canadian climate allow you to watch programs without a glare and audio can be dispersed throughout your patio or gardens allowing you the ability to widen your outdoor entertaining.