Protect Your Investments

A smart home security system has become the norm in most homes. Safely monitor your home, valuables and loved ones by utilizing 24/7, smart home monitoring that sends notifications to your mobile devices should an unwanted activity occur.

Slinger Solutions can help protect your investments with a security system tailored to your space and requirements. Our expert staff will work with you to determine the areas that should be covered and the best way to safeguard them. Components such as pet immune motion detectors, smoke and Co2 detectors, water sensors and glass breaks are designed to safeguard your entire home. Modern systems now include app and notification integration that give you remote access to doors, locks and cameras so you can stay connected wherever you are.


Alarm Systems

Alarm systems utilize a series of different sensors to help protect what is most important to you. Door and window sensors act at the first line of defence. Adding motion detectors and glass breaks and your home will be very well protected. If you are concerned about water damage, adding water sensors notifies you immediately if the sump pump is filling with water or a leak has started in an unwanted area before any major issues arise.


Surveillance Cameras

Security camera systems have quickly become one of the fastest growing home markets for CCTV (Closed Circuit TV). A properly installed camera system allows you the ability to monitor your property locally and remotely while reviewing archived video. With the new analytics available, have your system notify you when a package is being delivered at your doorstep or a car drives onto your property. Reviewing video is as simple as accessing the app and saving the footage.