Lighting and Climate Control

Lighting control plays a critical role in any project.  Not only is it used to set ambiance but it has significant design elements that add dramatic effect to a home.

With a properly designed system, you have the ability to consolidate switches to satisfy the visual appeal, set pre-programmed scenes as well as activities based on events.

Beyond aesthetic benefits, lighting control systems provide a security component while you are away.

Programmable lighting gives you the ultimate control to meet your lifestyle; never come home to a dark space, have your lights rotate a learned lighting schedule while you are away on holidays and have lights turn off with occupancy to save on energy.

Motorized Shades and Window Treatments

Motorized roller shades create beauty and convenience, whether shades are used to block light or to control room temperatures, there is a wide variety of fabrics and textures available to choose from.  Clients have the ability to choose schedules, ambient light exposure or temperature triggers.  Solutions of wired and wireless options make shading an easy retrofit option for any home. 

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A solid network is the backbone of every great installation. The best way for the devices in your home to communicate with each other is over a physical connection. For new construction, Slinger Solutions provides wired data jacks for any necessity and we will ensure that your home has the appropriate, high-speed Wi-Fi coverage to keep up with today’s newest devices. We also supply solutions that work in existing homes where running new wiring is not an option.